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Marketing Terms You Need to Know

How To Become a Digital Nomad At Any Age

When marketing online, it’s important you understand the language of marketing so you can maximize results. 

Let’s take a look at the terms you should know about.

A/B Testing

This means testing two (or more) versions of:

  • webpages
  • email subject lines
  • Landing page
  • Calls to action (CTA)
  • etc.

In order to determine which ones perform more effectively.


Tracking and analyzing data can help you to decide on your marketing plans going forward.

You can gather data such as:

  • website traffic
  • conversions
  • social media
  • etc.


A backlink is an incoming hyperlink from an outside (or sometimes inside) web page to another page or website.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is determined by the number of people landing on your website who leave without clicking on anything.

Buyer Avatar

A buyer avatar represents your ideal buyer.

Call to Action (CTA)

Frequently, a Call to Action is as simple as a button located on a web page, in an email or on an infographic designed to prompt your user to take a specific action like:

  • Click here to learn more
  • Buy Now!
  • Download Now!
  • Etc.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Click Through Rate is the actual number of clicks or actions visitor take divided by the actual number of actions they could have taken.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing refers to consistently creating and distributing high-quality content to engage, and convert visitors to your website or blog. 

Content Marketing Funnel

A funnel leads a prospect from education right through to purchase.

Conversion Rate

A conversion rate is simply the percentage of visitor taking the desired action, such as:

  • making a purchase
  • completing a form
  • registering
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Downloading a free gift
  • etc. 

Cost Per lead (CPL)

The total cost paid to get a lead, who may, or may not, become a customer.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

The cost of actually acquiring a customer, not just a lead.

Customer Relationship Management

A system using technology to organize, automate, and integrate sales calls, follow ups, emails, etc.


A way of grouping potential customers by age, gender, income, family life, social class, etc.

Digital Marketing (Online Marketing)

Marketing to a target audience solely via the internet using email, web content, blogs and more.


Selling products, both digital and physical, on the internet.

Email Marketing

Using email to contact groups of prospects in order to educate, engage, and/or encouraging them to take a specific action.


Infographics are designed to make complex information easy to understand.


Specific words or phrases that apply to your website and target audience.

Landing Page

A form that prospects can complete with their personal information in exchange for a free offer (such as an ebook, demo or consultation).

Lifetime Customer Value

A prediction of the net profit over the lifetime of a customer.

Marketing Funnel

Marketing Terms

A process that leads prospects through specific steps to the buying option.

Niche Market

A very specific segment of a market.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Advertising on the internet where you only pay when someone “clicks” on your ad.

Recurring Revenue

Income from weekly, monthly, annual subscriptions.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Measuring ROI is a smart way to ensure you’re putting your money into the strategies that result profit.

Target Marketing

Marketing to a specific group or demographic.


An online seminar that provides value and education, and garners leads via a registration form.

Website Traffic

A measurement of the number of visits a website receives.

How To Become a Digital Nomad At Any Age

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